A bad case of algae bloom (green water).

Green water (also known as an algae bloom) is usually due to either a significant excess of light (particularly direct sunlight), or a major water quality problem. Although it may look terrible, it is not toxic to fish.

Causes Edit

  • Suspended microscopic algae
  • Excess light, especially direct sunlight
  • Too many fish
  • Excess nutrients
  • Excess wastes

Water changes will reduce green water temporarily, but will not eliminate it. Completely blocking out all light for three days or more is very effective. The use of a diatomic filter will remove the suspended algae. If daphnia are available, they will quickly eat the microscopic algae, then in turn be eaten by the fish. Note: Water aggregators that profess to clump suspended algae and remove it are not effective against green water.

Prevention Edit

  • Regular water changes
  • Regular aquarium cleaning
  • Use of UV Filter
  • Avoid direct sunlight on tank
  • Avoid overfeeding fish
  • Do not overstock the tank

As with any algae, keeping the tank clean and performing regular water changes is one of the best preventative measures. Prompt attention to sudden algae growth will prevent more serious problems

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How To Get Rid of Green Water in Aquarium Easily

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