Clown fish in the Andaman Coral Reef

Ocellaris clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris

The Clownfish is very colorful with segments of the body being bright orange and then areas of white with thin area of black around them. Some of the species though have maroon and yellow coloring on them. The orange though is what is distinctive and that is why these other species are often mistaken for other types of fish.


This particular fish tends to stick to the warmer waters. Some of the most common places that you will find them are the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. They will migrate around to deeper water when it is colder so that they can be warm in the deeper areas.

Even though people love the look of the Clownfish, they are very hard to keep alive in captivity. They need to have a specific habitat that is hard to replicate. They have the best chance of survival if you are going to offer them a saltwater aquarium with lots of space.


The Clownfish is very active and it is often seen doing various forms of acrobatics. This is where the name of it comes from; it often seems to be clowning around. They often live around the Anemone which can sting but it isn’t really understood why they aren’t affected like other types of are.


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